Cornell Ornithology Lab News: Snowy Owl Invasion

For more on this, see the Reuters story here.


  1. In the few days we were without power during our January snow storm, we listened to the radio (with batteries) a lot – not much else to do. A lady called in to say that she was sitting in her car charging her phone and she a big white bird and realized it was a great white owl. Then it took off flying and she got to see just how big it’s wing span is. It’s amazing, because they just usually aren’t seen around the Puget Sound region except in a zoo.

  2. Mary Ellen says

    What a beautiful film about these lovely birds! For those of us in urban environments, there are still birds to watch and fall in love with. Cornell’s ornithology laboratory is also the home base for a wonderful PigeonWatch project. Check it out at:

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