DC Comics dons a novel Young Adult cape.

batman__wonder_woman_and_superman_by_y2kevin-d6i6jgqDC Comics recently announced a new series of young adult novels, penned by four top names in young adult literature. The novels will feature four of the comics giant’s leading characters: Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Catwoman.  No doubt the company hopes to create some synergy between the ongoing wave of YA publications and the current, well-received TV comics characters TV series like The Flash and Supergirl. While translating superhero fiction out of visual media is always tricky, they no doubt have assembled a top-notch writing team.  I am personally looking forward to Matt de la Pena’s Superman.  And of course, Harry Potter is like a superhero in many ways,

These books won’t appear until 2017, so there is plenty of time left for anticipation.  In the meantime, here is a recommended list of Matt de la Pena novels to read in the meantime.  Note that The Living. previously discussed here on Hogpro, tops the list.  And I need to figure out a way to get the Superfriends theme song out of my head.

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