Error corrections in The Ink Black Heart Kindle: Can anyone verify if any of our “gaffes” are fixed?

I just saw a Facebook posting where someone shared a recent communication from Amazon:

Dear Customer,
We recently learned that due to circumstances out of our control, the version of The Ink Black Heart: The Number One international bestseller (Strike 6) that you purchased had some quality issues. The content has been reviewed by our quality team and the errors have been corrected.
You can download the new version of the ebook file by going to the “Manage your content and devices” page:…/contentlist/booksAll/dateDsc/. Find the file in your Kindle Library and click on “Update available” next to the title. To finalize the download, make sure your device is charged and that your wi-fi connection is active.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your patience.
Customer Service Department
I know some people have noticed typos, and that there have been complaints from some e-readers that the online chat print was too small to read comfortably. However, I am mainly curious to see if any of the gaffes Hogpro readers and writers have noted have been fixed already. As the case of the mysterious Mia Thompson shows, sometimes a correction can mean major new material.
Have any of our Kindle readers (specifically from the UK) gotten this communication?  If so, please share what is fixed.



  1. I had the email from Amazon but I can not see anywhere the option to download the update they speak of! I’ll just have to try again in a few days. Not come across any typos yet…

  2. Cannot see any up date instructions on the page in question with regards to The Ink Black Heart

  3. They are not corrected on my kindle.

  4. Janet Robins says

    Cannot find any reference to update on my kindle for The Ink Black Heart

  5. Jeffrey Pullin says

    Online chat print far too small. Have tried what the email said several times. but unable to locate ‘updates’ that Amazon say will appear on the manage page. Annoying as I need to enlarge type to read the chats.

  6. Percy Lish says

    The newest Kindle book version is 20220913, in which the publisher added plain text version of in-game chats below image version. However, many typos/gaffes remain.

  7. Martin Brennan says

    I hope this helps somebody. I got the same email from Amazon but found no corresponding options on their website or on the Kindle.
    I believe I managed to obtain a new version of the book – with a larger font in the social media passages – by going to the Amazon website and finding the book in the Manage Your Content link.
    I then selected Download and Transfer by USB in the More Actions menu.
    You will need a computer and USB cable but I ended up with two versions of the book and the new one looks better.

  8. Judith Sharp says

    Ink Black Heart – Robert Galbraith

    Have received email about an update but unable to find out how to do this. Apparently I’m not the only one

  9. Stephen Reeves says

    I have contacted Amazon via Chat line. They were not able to resolve the issue so have credited me cost of the book so I can order it again. To get to the chat line look up the book as if you are going to order it. You should see a banner saying you purchased this book etc. and at the end of the line you should see Need additional help? Click here. Follow the links for missing pages and at the end you should see the option’ I need more help’ This takes you to the chat line.
    Good Luck

  10. David Liddell says

    Cant update as no option to do so. Very frustrating and disappointing

  11. I have still found it difficult to read and have resorted to Audible but about to give up all together😱😢. Have read all the previous…

  12. Listening to the reading of the long Twitter feeds is a chore on the Audible version. The in-game chats are a bit easier.

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