Blizzard Warning: Excerpt from Hunger Games Prequel Posted.

Barely three months from the publication of the Hunger Games prequel: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, readers have been treated to a sneak preview. The excerpt is short: less than 1000 words, but has already created a sensation. If you haven’t read it, go here before reading further.  Spoilers, ho!

Or should I say, “Spoilers, Snow?”  Everyone was expecting the prequel to include a certain pre-quell, pre-President, but I don’t think many were expecting him to be the protagonist, as he appears  in the preview. Moreover, he is protrayed as sympathetic and even vulnerable. Needless to say, this is kicking up a rather violent “Snowstorm” among readers. And, for the final punchline, it turns out that, before there was a supply of Victors from each District to serve as mentors to new Tributes, the Gamemakers recruited a bunch of young Capitol teens to do it. Young Coriolanus is one of the first batch of chosen for this “honor,” and draws the short straw of the batch, the female Tribute of District 12, the place that has already established its loser reputation only ten years into the Games.

Could this young, yet-to-be-Reaped girl be the mysterious unnamed Victor-Who-Is-Not-Haymitch from our favorite coal-mining town? Perhaps an Everdeen, Mellark or Donner ancestor? As exciting as that would be, it would carry a major disappointment for me. I was hoping we would see Mags’ Hunger Games. But if Mags wins the Games, we can be fairly certain Snow’s mentee will not.

Other elements of note:  The Capitol University boasts a Heavensbee Hall. Morphling addition is already a thing, as are Avoxes and a mysterious drink called posca. Snow’s family has a noble reputation, but apparently not enough money for college tuition. And Collins’ tradition of Roman-inspired character names continues: two personal new favorites are Casca Highbottom and Sejanus Plinth.

So, “yay” or “nay” on the choice of a Snow-centric text?  A little quick Googling has, so far, turned up a lot more nays, though some readers are optimistic.  Please share comments below.


  1. I think the excerpt is very intriguing. I appreciate the Hunger Games but have had a hard time re-reading knowing the amount of violence I’m about to be subjected to. So maybe I’m not enough of a fan to object to Snow possibly being the protagonist. I would assume that he’s a somewhat better person in his youth to make it work. Interesting for how Susan Collins would end this trilogy, though. I can’t imagine a story arch that doesn’t involve Snow turning more to evil.

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