First issue of Study & Scrutiny now online

scholarshipThe first issue of the new peer-reviewed Young Adult Literature journal, Study & Scrutiny, is now online.  According to the editors, the journal is intended to meet “a need for a new publishing outlet focused on extensive empirical and critical studies around YAL.”

I am happy to report that I have an article “Harry Potter and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” in the inaugural issue.  There are multiple other articles, as well, so everyone make like Hermione and head to the library!

Call-for-papersFurthermore, the deadline for submitting articles for the next edition is September 1st.  I know we have a variety of scholars at various career levels among our readers; please consider contributing!




  1. How cool! I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Mrs. Freeman,

    I’ve read your paper on the Diagnostic Statistical Method in relation to Harry Potter. It seems like a fair and well done overview. I do recall John Granger mentioning that the Dementors were metaphors for clinical depression.

    With that in mind, my question now is do you think the same Diagnostic Method has any applications to the Cormoran Strike series in any way?

  3. Louise Freeman says

    ChrisC: Interesting question. I haven’t seriously examined any characters from that series, though it would not surprise me if there were some sociopaths among the killers, which is hardly a stretch.

    It is interesting that Robin’s aborted college degree was in psychology…

    Strike clearly shows some PTSD symptoms (flashbacks) but whether he will ever get a full-blown diagnosis remains to be seen. Supposedly the next book will focus more on returning soldiers.

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