Harry Potter and the Political Humorists

politico-harryThis election coverage has generated more media attention that ever before, and many of the stories have turned into fodder for writers, sketch comics, late-night stand-up routines, and internet memes.  It is not surprising that many efforts at humor, from both sides of the aisle, employ our favorite Shared Text.

There was, for instance, an early report that Trump nemesis Megyn Kelly had jokingly compared him to Voldemort, though a close reading of the quote in context made it seem more like a jab at the other Republican candidates for forgetting Dumbledore’s wisdom that “fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

hilary-love-childThere are also innumerable memes comparing Hilary Clinton to Umbridge, though, interestingly, as many seem to be the result of an admittedly less-than-attractive pink outfit she choose for a campaign appearance as for her politics. The truly anti-Clinton political nerds seem to prefer to compare her to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s power-hungry and self-entitled Kai Winn Adami, a comparison that goes back at least to 2008. Those of you who are not Trekkies can read about Kai Winn at the above link, or you can just rest in the kai-hillaryknowledge that she was played by Louise “Nurse Ratched” Fletcher, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. This commentary, from a Clinton supporter, on those comparisons, will be of interest to anyone who has read Patrick McCauley’s work on violence against women in Harry Potter.

For sheer cleverness and clear Shared Text Appreciation, my vote for funniest piece goes to this essay on the destruction of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star.  trump-star-vandalised-smallWhile I in no way advocate property destruction as a political statement, the author manages to simultaneously demonstrate knowledge of horcruxes, basilisks, Quirrell’s turban and house-elves, and gave me a laugh-out-loud that I could sorely use this political season.

potter-for-presFinally, I’ll close with the most non-partisan Harry Political cartoon I could find, and a link to this article (Hat tip to John!) that tells us Voldemort is more popular among Generation Hex than either of the two major candidates. Nonetheless, you are a US Citizen, get out and exercise your right to vote next week—  for someone, even if you must write in “He Who Must Not Be Named.”  Or maybe Harry Himself—  the Potter for President signs and buttons sold like hotcakes last week at Chestnut Hill.





  1. Remaining completed bipartisan, I have to admit the moment I saw Hilary in that outfit I told my husband, “They need to fire whoever dressed her and hand them a copy of the Harry Potter series on their way out.” I’ve had a very hard time shaking the Hillary-Umbridge image from my brain since then. It just WON’T go away. Gah!

    When I first saw Trump in a debate, my initial thought was–Cornelius Fudge. Another image I’m struggling with. Thankfully this election is almost over. Where’s Dumbledore’s when you need him? Lol. 😉 #KingsleyForPresident

  2. For what it’s worth, Rowling herself seems to have added her thoughts to the fray. Time Magazine has a list of tweets JKR made during the final debate. Not surprisingly, at one point she touches on a theme shared between her and McCauley.

    The article can be found here:


  3. Calvin Sommers says

    I find it tragic that J.K. Rowling has been such an Islamophile in the past few years when many of the secondary villains in HP such as Umbridge deal with the rise of Voldemort in a way that mirrors the way regressive leftists deal with Radical Islamic Terrorism: by not dealing with it at all and refusing to even mention it or acknowledge that it exists. The more cynical part of me half-suspects that she is just saying what most of her social-justice-oriented fan base wants to hear, but regardless of whether she genuinely is an Islamophile or not her comments are doing a disservice to actual minorities she claims to support such as gays and blacks that have suffered mass oppression from Islamists historically as well as in the present.

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  5. Trump is just like Cornelius Fudge. Trump called the Coronavirus is hoax or a lie while Fudge did the same thing with Voldemort.

  6. Bonni Crawford says

    So true Catie! Similar with climate change I guess, tho that’ll take longer to play out to the point that Trump might admit he’s wrong.

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