Help Save Tolkien’s Northmoor Home

Project Northmoor Overview from Brian Boyd on Vimeo.

Go to for more information about the effort to create a Tolkien landmark site and museum and how you can help.

Hat tip to Karen!


  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    How fine it would be to have this Tolkien house as a complement to The Kilns (which took a fair old time getting underway, but now is a sort of study centre with handsomely restored rooms – including evocative imitation tobacco-smoke stains on the walls and ceiling of at least one room!).

  2. Wayne Stauffer says

    Agreed!! The C.S. Lewis Foundation is doing a wonderful job there. Hope this will lead to a comparable Tolkien Foundation.

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    Interesting post by the Tolkien Society:

    I have not thoroughly acquainted myself with the website as conveniently linked above, but another Tolkien lover directed my attention to the FAQ there and especially to:

    What will happen to my donation if you can’t buy the house?

    We hope that doesn’t happen, of course, but in the event we cannot buy the property, we will still be able to use your donation to fulfill our charity’s objectives, promoting the knowledge and appreciation of Tolkien’s works, and those of his friends his fellow Inklings; and promoting arts, crafts and literature, through creative writing, film and other means. For example, we would look into establishing a centre to run courses and events in Oxford and elsewhere to promote the appreciation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s works and inspire future generations of writers and artists in fantasy and other genres. Donations made via PayPal may be refunded upon request if the house purchase does not go through. PayPal donors with email address info will be contacted and asked whether they would like their donation to go to Project Northmoor initiatives including Tolkien related scholarships or refunded (PayPal fees may apply depending on your method of payment). Donations made through any other means may not be refundable based on local tax rules in your locality. In either case donors with contact info will be contacted to prioritize their donation accordingly.

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