HogPro Mailbag: Twilight, Potter, and Other News Links

I’ve been on the road for a good part of Great Lent, alas, and come home to a box full of notes from y’all with fifteen links to great articles on the titles we discuss here at Hogwarts Professor. Each deserves a post of its own, but I’m sure I won’t get to that for at least another few weeks so here is the Mailbag turned upside down after the jump for your browsing, sorting, and reading pleasure. More on The Illustrated Guide very soon!

Twilight Fans are on Team Meyer

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

— Entertainment Weekly: ‘What We Learned From the Official Guide’

Hunger Games makes Books Being Banned list

Hunger Games fan site Attacked by Movie Studio Lawyers (“Capitol Attack!”)

Shared Text: Harry Potter? with Sex? at Harvard? Sure.

‘The Harry Potter Exhibition’ Hits New York City

— Excellent HogsHead,org review of this exhibition

Ron and Hermione Skipping Stones: Film Clip

Butterbeer Cupcake Recipe to Die For: I Kid You Not!

Replacing Wands with Quills: A Harry Potter Symposium for Muggle Scholars

New edition of Values of Harry Potter now available

Classical Harry Potter Septet: “His Eyes Are As Green”

Vi Hart has composed songs set to classical music for a ‘Harry Potter Septet,’ themes and lyrics derived from Harry’s seven adventures. It amounts to something like a demonstration that seven is the most powerfully magical number. Here is her version of Ginny’s Valentine’s Day Card to Harry from Chamber of Secrets And, a darker side, Sirius’ mother and a tune not from The Sound of Music:


  1. Arabella Figg has posted ten Harry Potter related links, mostly about the upcoming movie, at The Hog’s Head.

  2. http://www.diacon-alley.co.uk/newsletter

    From the Harry Potter Fan Conference in Canterbury (UK) this summer. Potter Pundit James Thomas of Pepperdine will be there.

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