HogPro on YouTube: Eyes, Rings, and Trios from the Vault

MuggleNet ran an interview with me yesterday and, while writing a ‘welcome’ post for Muggletonians that drop by via the article’s link to this site, I found a bunch of YouTube promotional videos of me from other web sites as well as me talking at various conferences and schools. Here below, as an example, is an excerpt from my Rings talk at LeakyCon 2 in Orlando last summer. After the jump, check out the Eyes of Deathly Hallows talk I gave to ‘The Group That Shall Not Be Named’.

There’s a Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 to this, I think, and I’m told the audio is weak on all five parts. Great venue and great crowd, though — one of the oldest New York Public Libraries in a beautiful paneled room dedicated to Kate Chopin and perhaps America’s smartest and savviest Potter-philes.

Not enough eye fun? Here’s another ‘Eyes’ clip, only seconds long, taken with someone’s I-phone, I’m guessing:

Here’s one Travis Prinzi filmed to help me promote Deathly Hallows Lectures:

Here’s a much younger John Granger (one who was still running every day out on the Olympic Peninsula) in a Tyndale promotion for their sales reps to push Looking for God in Harry Potter to Christian Book Stores, back when that was a very hard sell:

How about the grey and bearded me in Orlando last summer on a similar subject?

The ‘Genre’ part of that same Seven Keys talk:

Have a great New Years blast tonight! Tomorrow, the Greatest Hits of 2011…


  1. Bruce Charlton says

    It’s hard to make-out, but do I detect recent sporting of the ‘patriarchal beard’?


  2. Alas, the untrimmed beard is history! I shaved for my new job and am sporting a much shorter beard I was able to start during the Philippian Fast.

  3. Bruce Charlton says

    So – *not* an homage to Solzhenitsyn!

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