Hold on to your Quaffles–Competitive Quidditch is Getting Serious

In 2005, I had the great pleasure of presenting at the Witching Hour in Salem, MA. It was my first national Harry Potter Conference. I loved the sessions I attended, though I was quite baffled by one item on the program: Quidditch. How, I thought, can they play Quidditch without flying? I was really interested in seeing this spectacle, and sorely disappointed when torrential rain cancelled the outdoor events. Since then, I have been delighted to see Quidditch played at other events, including Infinitus and Leaky-Con 2011. This wonderful, wacky, wizarding sport has grown beyond being a convention conversation piece, and the International Quidditch Association is seeking greater recognition, regulation, and revenue. Check out this great article on the growing legitimacy of Quidditch, and then share your Quidditch thoughts! Do you play or watch? Or, like me, do you just explain any injury you may be sporting as the result of a rough Quidditch match?
H/t to James and my college colleague John (who was asking today if I could hide my broom and wand in my graduation regalia).


  1. LOL at your colleague’s comment – my coworker and I were contemplating breaking out our regalia robes (since we do leave them in the library rather than forget to bring them when we have to process for anything) to double as Harry Potter robes when we made a video reading from Harry Potter for the ALA banned book week thing, but ultimately decided against it. I am convinced that the pockets in masters robes are the best motivation for never getting a doctorate – how do you carry stuff with you if your sleeves don’t double as pockets?

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