InfoGraphic Listing: Hogwarts Professor in Top 100?

I get more than my share of reader letters, I’m guessing, if there is a pile of letters that are supposed to be distributed evenly amongst all authors. Perhaps I merit the correspondence I receive because my putting my email address in each book with a request for feedback generates these letters. You tell me.

I also receive quite a bit of Internet solicitation email, y’know, letters from business people (?) who offer to raise my weBlog’s place on internet search engines or requesting advertisement space in HogPro’s side-bar, or, most bizarre to me, offering to write blog posts for the site if I will include links to the author’s website.

Last week, though, I received notification that HogwartsProfessor was going to be included in an ‘InfoGraphic’ display of the ‘100 Best Blogs for Readers.’ Was I interested in posting this on my blog? I answered with a question: “What is an ‘InfoGraphic’?” This morning I received my answer, which you can see beneath the jump. I’m afraid it is a cross not only of the three solicitations mentioned above but something like the “Who’s Who Among High School Students” listing scams mixed in as well. Which is to say, if you respond to the invitation, you make the list.

I did peruse the Top 100 list and stumbled on something of interest at I’ll write about later. If any of you can figure out, though, why HogPro was invited to join this list of Independent Writers and Paranormal Fiction blogs, please enlighten me!

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An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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