Ink Black Heart: Strike Ellacott Files Podcast Episode One ‘First Impressions’

There is at the time of this posting only one podcast devoted to the Cormoran Strike series, ‘The Strike Ellacott Files.’ Other Rowling sites with a Harry Potter fandom audience, podcasts on which sites previously had discussion of the author’s current work, have with Ink Black Heart decided not to allow Strike conversation any longer. See HogwartsProfessor posts here, here, and here about their previous podcasts.

Check out their ‘First Impressions’ podcast episode which was put out very soon after the book’s publication. It is not, consequently, a profound look at the book and does not include any of the subjects we have begun to cover here at HogwartsProfessor. If you can handle the coarse language and share the podcasters’ delight and excitement about the romance elements in Strike6 — and all of us here do to some degree, I think — it’s a fun chat with friends who know the books very well. Enjoy!

Dietrich Boenhoffer



  1. Thanks for the recommendation…I think. There certainly wasn’t going to be anything profound from me having just finished the book a few hours before recording and having a newborn. This was just for fun and some raw reactions, but we can’t wait to dive in with regular episodes because there’s so much to explore! We hope our first episode will be out by the end of the month. 🙂

  2. Robyn Matthews says

    What about Clara Strike’s excellent podcast Denmark Street Deep Dive? Insightful, funny and worth multiple plays. She has covered the main characters and the first five books. Clara has also been a guest presenter on The Strike and Ellacott Files. I hope she will continue with her take on The Ink Black Heart.

  3. I did not mention ‘Deep Dive’ only because ‘Clara Strike’ has not posted in so long. I know Nick Jeffery is a listener and we will certainly post when or if ‘Deep Dive’ explores ‘Ink Black Heart.’

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