J. K. Rowling Returns to Twitter

In addition to this tweet of her own, The Presence also re-tweeted a PotterMore article about a Cursed Child event last night in NYC’s Times Square.

The link to her own website’s page about writing advice remains pinned to the top of the page.

Does this mean “She’s back!” or is it just a promotional plug of a Rowling, Inc., property after eighth months silence, an acknowledgement she has to do something to keep the platform vital?

Or is it a testing of the waters? If, as we have speculated here, her departure in January was as likely as not due to the overexposure of her brand and her having reached the point of greatly diminished returns, even fan hostility, the enthusiastic and generous response to her return has to be encouraging.


  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    I enjoyed the Babylon Bee’s 4 September account of the effects of reading her Twitter feed.

  2. I neglected to mention that Rowling’s return with a NYC themed piece may be a pointer to her return in New York to the public sphere this December. She is slated to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award at that time with three other political progressive celebrities.


    I was reminded of this by Babylon Bee’s satiric note about Rowling’s previous use of her twitter platform:

    But teachers found that there were still Harry Potter fans who continued to read the books off-campus. So, they came up with a brilliant solution: anyone who identifies as a Potter fan will be forced to read author JK Rowling’s Twitter feed.

    “We found that nearly 100% of kids were no longer interested in the books after they read Rowling’s constant retconning of characters and rants about American politics,” said school pastor Fr. Dan Reehil. “Once they found that Rowling said that Trump was worse than Voldemort and tried to shoehorn issues of diversity, gender and sexuality, and social justice into the novels long after they were written, kids’ interest in the series just disappeared, as though their enthusiasm had been hit with a Reducto charm.”

    Rowling did not post or retweet anything today, the day after she broke her eight months of virtual silence. Time will tell if this was just a temperature-taking; from the Babylon Bee response, clearly a lot of people haven’t forgotten what Rowling, Inc., may have hoped they would have…

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