JMU Conference postponed

Because of circumstances beyond the control of its organizers, the JMU Harry Potter conference “Emerging from the Pensieve” has been postponed. Dr. Gumnoir says,

Depending on how things develop this fall, I have now developed tentative plans for the spring or early summer 2013. Our theme will remain the same despite the delay, and I hope that all of you will still be interested in presenting your work.
I will keep you posted. Until then, please encourage your friends, colleagues, and students to consider joining our conversations next year and submit their own proposals.

So, consider yourself encouraged. Information about the theme and how to submit an abstract is available here. Please email Dr. Gumnoir with paper proposals and we will look forward to a spring/summer event.


  1. Thank you for posting this however for all of us who have been wondering if this was the case – I’m assuming from this that she’s keeping all the proposals already submitted, or will we need to submit again or mention that we’re still interested?

  2. Louise M. Freeman says

    Yes, I think she is keeping all the proposals thus far.

  3. Are you really still accepting new proposals as well? If so, what is the revised deadline for submission?

  4. Louise Freeman says

    My best understanding from Dr. Gumnoir is that, given she doesn’t have an exact date for the conference, she doesn’t have an exact deadline for proposals either. But, by all means send her a proposal if you have one. We will update you on dates as we know them.

  5. Melissa D. Aaron says

    Oh, that’s really too bad!

    I hope the conference will be in summer, because if it’s in spring, it will conflict with Misti-Con.

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