Laugh out Loud with Reading, Writing, Rowling Episode 26: Harry Potter and Humor

What do “Gran’s on the run,” Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and the Rotfang conspiracy have in common?  They are all among the funniest elements highlighted by the podcasters of Reading Writing, Rowling. This is the show I have wanted to do for years.  Best of all, it’s only the first of two parts, so more to come!

Join me, Katy McDaniel, Emily Strand and Caitlin Harper for a discussion of how Rowling makes us laugh, and what the humor does for the Harry Potter series!


  1. Wayne Stauffer says

    Great podcast!! Looking forward to part 2.

    What about Prof Lupin’s first lesson, with Neville imagining the boggert as Snape in Gran’s clothes…and then later, over Christmas lunch, when Dumbledore pulls the cracker with Snape?

  2. Wayne Stauffer says

    Also, how about the juxtaposition of the scenes in Order of the Phoenix of the trio meeting Lockhart in the long term ward and then seeing Neville and Gran on their way out of their visit with Neville’s parents?

  3. Louise Freeman says

    That reminds me of one that I don’t think came up in the show. Arthur and his doctor deciding to try this mysterious Muggle treatment called “stitches” to his snakebite wounds, and Molly’s reaction when she finds out,

  4. Wayne Stauffer says


  5. David Martin says

    Ron’s “My Sweetheart” necklace Christmas present from Lavender Brown.

  6. Louise Freeman says

    Right, David! And even better was Harry responding “I’d rather have them than that necklace” in response to Ron’s laughing at his maggot gift from Kreacher.

  7. Was fun until it got political with “accidental racism.” I can’t think of another situation where someone would stoop low enough to use that as an “argument” or insult except a liberal to conservative.

  8. Brian Basore says

    The trick-or-treater kid in Little Hangleton who complimented Voldemort on his Halloween costume. Another boy who lived!

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