Learn the Seven Keys in Seven Weeks! Take Wizard Reading Formula with John

During yesterday’s ‘Seven Keys’ live webinar, I offered those in attendance what I have shared with the Potter Pundits Summer School students and the Roanoke Festival friends about ‘Wizard Reading Formula,’ the seven week online course I am teaching this September and October. Every week we will have three talks, office hours, and a live webinar from the platform we tested in Summer School, one we demonstrated was interactive, accessible, affordable, and, most important, conducive to transformative learning.

The webinar went well but ran a little long! I cut it down by twenty minutes in the screen capture video below. If you’re interested in joining us to learn the Wizard Reading Formula, the link for payment and registration is here. There are links below as well to the Potter Pundits Summer School classrooms, all the videos and downloadable pdf attachments, all of which come down tonight at midnight.

This is the first time I’ve offered the class online so I have priced it at the cost of the lowest price of an overnight stay at Universal Studios in Orlando, the price of one night in ‘the room beneath the stairs’ for seven weeks of dialogue and instruction about the Seven Keys to Harry Potter: three talks, office hours, a live webinar, and a new bonus package every week. Did I mention the ‘How To’ course in diagramming a story ring? For readers and writers, this is an avenue to a lifetime of greater reading pleasure and writing power.

And it’s free if you’re not delighted. Pretty straight forward: a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. I talk about the Formula in the video below  -the weekly vlog! — about the Seven Keys, probably the most popular and certainly the densest content concept per minute of all the talks I give, a flash overview of the Wizard Reading Formula, as well as a long look at the symbol in Deathly Hallows that the characters interpret at four levels for our reflection. Enjoy!

Save your Seat in the ‘Wizard Reading Formula’ Classroom — Closes at Midnight Sunday Night!

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