Life Imitates Art: Roots and Apple Day at MBC

Here at Hogpro, you’ve read about a variety of colleges that bear a striking resembles to Hogwarts. However, my home institution, Mary Baldwin College, chooses a Theme for each year. This year’s is “Roots.” I don’t know if whoever designed the celebratory banner, or its red-and-yellow color scheme, knew how close they were to imitating the Amity faction symbol from Divergent.

Even more fittingly, today is our annual Apple Day celebration, a day where classes are cancelled, the morning devoted to community service and the afternoon to a carnival. One of the major events is a trip to a local orchard for apple gleaning, with the gathered produce donated to local food banks.

Sounds like an cooperative endeavor between Amity and Abnegation, doesn’t it?  All we need is a few banjo players strumming their way around and we’d have a scene straight out of Veronica Roth’s epic series.  Minus the invading Erudite and their mind-contolled Dauntless army of course.

Of course, now I am wondering about the selection of future themes.  If there are any possibilities for words related to eyes, scales, fire or outstretched hands, we could soon have a full campus bedecked in Divergent-inspired banners.

But for today, I’m going to stay home, catch up on grading and prepare for my trip to the Harry Potter conference at Chestnut Hill in a couple of weeks.

Happy Apple Day, everyone!

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