Mailbag: “Alchemical Backfire” in Sookie Vampire Finale!

News from the Sookie Stackhouse fandom — the ending isn’t what the ghoul gallery expected or wanted, if it is faithful to alchemical story formula. Here is the HogwartsProfessor authority on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, Renee Jones, with the just breaking news:

Hi, John,

I wanted to let you know about the nuclear explosion going through the Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood fandom today.

In 2009 when I first contacted you about Charlaine Harris‘s series, I speculated that the protagonist, Sookie, was progressing through the alchemical stages, which were demarcated by her relationships with two vampires and a shape shifter. An enormous fandom revolves around the nigredo vampire, Bill and the albedo one, Eric. While rubedo shapeshifter Sam has a small following, no one has considered him a credible contender for Sookie’s happily ever after since book 3.

Bill’s window of opportunity ended early on, and debate in recent years has been about whether Sookie and Eric would have a happily ever after, she would wind up alone, or find someone new.

Today portions of the 14th and last book in the series were leaked on the internet, and the fandom has been blindsided with the rubedo ending of Sookie and Sam. The gnashing and wailing of teeth is really something. This is a huge alchemical backfire.

Throughout the series I could spot the alchemical endgame of Sookie and Sam, but  like most, my emotional investment was in Eric. Little to none of it was in Sam.

CH was able to turn the first romantic hero, Bill, into a cad in books 2 and 3, but Eric has been devoted to Sookie throughout the series, so fans are unwilling to let go of that relationship. What Eric does in the end is an act of sacrificial love, so fans are turning on Sookie for not stopping him.

The other problem is Sam. He’s a great guy and a good friend, but Sookie and Sam is not a great love story and is not written as one. There is no grand passion, no great sacrifice. It’s the girl marrying the boy next door. It’s Bella Swan marrying Mike Newton instead of Jacob or Edward.

I could see from the beginning how that was right for Sookie. All she ever wanted was a normal life, to have someone to love and be loved by, but it just doesn’t make a great love story. However, the fans always expected Sookie to transcend small town Bon Temps, not finally fit in there, despite CH grounding her firmly to her house, her family, and her community.

I hope this makes some sense to you. The fandoms emotional investment in Eric was so great that it seems to have overwhelmed the alchemical symbolism. CH really seems to have lost the focus of the series by drawing the story out so long.

Best regards,



  1. John, thanks for posting my message. I’ve been thinking about the missing piece, the rubedo sacrifice that would make this bizarre ending make sense. Here is my speculation that I just posted at The Ancient Pythoness forum.

    “Bill selfishly refused to sacrifice anything for Sookie, so their relationship came to naught, ending the nigredo phase of the series. We know Eric gives up his freedom for 200 years for the albedo sacrifice. The missing piece is the rubedo sacrifice. The climax of Bk 14 must be Sam’s death and resurrection. Do we know what Sookie uses her one wish from the cluviel dor for? A successful rubedo sacrifice yields immortality and gold (d’or), so my guess is that Sookie uses the cluviel dor to resurrect Sam.

    What if she has to choose to use her one wish to free Eric or bring Sam back from the dead? If Sam died saving Sookie, she wouldn’t hesitate a moment to use that wish on him. Should she spend her remaining years alone pining for Eric or honoring the sacrifice he made for her and living a good life with Sam? Hmmm…”

  2. I have a lot in common with the character of Sookie Stackhouse. I’m not telepathic but I am empathic and I have helped solve some real life murder cases in my small home town since I was a teen. Both sides of my family are considered oddballs. I’ve aced job interviews only to hear on my way out the door some office gossip talking about my family. Even my love life has been eerie enough a lot like Sookie’s. I have a small group of friends that read the book series and went omg thats you Kim -you just have to read this book series. They have actually dubbed certain men in my life as my version of Bill, Alcide, and Eric. I have been saying from almost the start. Sam loves Sookie. Sookie admires, respects, likes, and trusts Sam. Maybe their is no grand firework passion going on and their is that workplace taboo going on but otherwise I wish they would cross it. I’ve been saying this for a long time. When Sookie choose to save Sam I was thrilled because he has had her back the entire series no matter what. I can’t say the same of the other three men at all. I for one am thrilled about the Sam and Sookie deal.

  3. More like Buffy ending up with Xander than Bella with Mike. Though if I liked Sam as much as Xander, and probably would have if he’d been just a rad more present Sookie & Sam would be a good thing.

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