Mockingjay Discussion 11: Review Revue

Well, the reviews for Mockingjay are coming in and they’re not much more than ‘like it-don’t like it’ surveys of the narrative line, i.e., commentaries on the violence and anti-war message to be found there. Here is a collection of them at The Wall Street Journal. Please post on this thread any new ones and any of the better Live Journal pieces you find.


  1. I don’t know that any of these qualify as “any of the better” blogger reviews, but I think it’s interesting the mixed reviews the book is getting from sites Scholastic picked for their blog tour. I’ve only read a handful and some are definitely glowing, but others were pretty disappointed. The review on Beth Fish Reads ( was one of the strongest against the book I’ve read, and it posted the day after her tour giveaway.

    With the mixed reviews I wonder if Scholastic got what they wanted from their tour. Maybe there’s no such thing as bad publicity for them?

  2. I noticed that as well Kathy. The blog tour was an interesting one (I was actually invited to be on it but couldn’t decide if I wanted to participate fast enough) because Suzanne Collins didn’t generate any content for the blogs. Most blog tours have a pretty high level of author involvement.

    I know Beth Fish Reads, Hey Lady, Galleysmith, Dear Author, Presenting Lenore, and Jenn’s Bookshelves were all less than thrilled with the book. I was happy to see one of my favorites on the tour, the Book Smugglers, post a positive review today.

  3. Check out MyFriendAmy’s Mockingjay post for links to the reviews she mentions and others!

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