New Year’s Day Request for Feedback

Happy Russian New Year! It is 1 January on the traditional Church Calendar, and though the liturgical New Year in the Orthodox Church is 1 September (old style) and until late in the 18th Century ‘Lady Day’ or Annunciation was the beginning of the new year in the UK and its colonies, many people, especially Slavs in my experience, celebrate today as the day of resolutions, inaugurated habits, and a personal dawn.

That being the case, despite my being anything but a Slavophile, I’d like to open the comment boxes to HogwartsProfessor readers to share their feedback about our posts, our formatting, our focus, our quirky lines of sight, whatever. Help us start the New Year with a better idea of what our readers want to read and hear about. I’m especially hopeful that one and all will share suggestions of topics, books, and authors you’d like us to explore — and if we could find a volunteer to help us pull together the pieces we have assembled for a podcast at long last, that would be the best.

So it’s ‘Open Microphone Night’ all day at HogwartsProfessor — How are we doing? What can we do better? What would you like to read more about? Less about? And, oh, yeah, who do we email to jumpstart our podcast adventure in the New Year? Thanks in advance for your feedback, requests, and help!


  1. Wayne Stauffer says

    I love the range of all things Rowling that is covered here, along with the variety of contributors. Keep up the good work!! I enjoy finding something new every time I check the site.

  2. i think what you’re doing is great! thank you for continuing to provide news on jo since so many fans have abandoned her. i can’t thank you enough

  3. I’d like to see some more on Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. I’m not sure how much is out there, and if there is anything on any more Panem books from Collins. The Lucy Gray character was almost as captivating as Katniss to me – I’d love for more discussion/insight into the connections between the Covey and Katniss’ family.

  4. I relish all the succulent insights presented and wouldn’t want to alter anything the HP team is doing, and I would love to have further reflections on additional speculative fiction that also uses literary alchemy (Erin Morgenstern, Leigh Bardugo, V.E. Schwab, etc.). Thank you for enriching our lives with these continuing treasures!

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