Official ‘Carve the Mark’ Book Trailer Released: New Series by Veronica Roth

ctm-ew1More about The Current and the gifts it gives…. hmmm. How long until Facebook is swarming with “What is your Currentgift?” quizzes?

There’s not much in it that we haven’t heard about already, although I found the imagery of carving the flowers from the wood interesting.

wecanbemendedcoverUpdate:  This just in:  those who pre-order Carve the Mark will receive a free gift of an epi-epilogue to the Divergent series*, updating us on Tobias’s life after the series ends.  Hmmmm—-  they do know how to pique my interest!  Stocking stuffer, anyone?

*note it is not billed as an epi-epilogue to Allegiant, showing marketing savvy!  But of course, the question is, is this fodder for the new TV series that may or may not come to pass? And which will probably be without its two box office stars if it does?

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