On the Lighter Side: Creative Predictions for Troubled Blood… and Beyond?

White horses were such a common theme in Lethal White that even the protagonists started saying it was “getting silly.”  You know what’s getting silly already in Troubled Blood, even though we are just a few chapters into the preview?  The way virtually every character has to comment about how Strike and Robin need to become a couple. So far, I’ve counted… (mild spoilers….  if you haven’t seen the TB preview chapters and don’t want to know, avoid the jump…)

  1. Dave Polworth
  2. Aunt Joan (and presumably Ted agrees….)
  3. Lucy
  4. Ilsa (and presumably Nick agrees…)
  5. Charlotte

Ok–  we get it, romantic tension.  Does everybody have to bring it up?

Oh, sure, why not?  Here’s a creative challenge for Strike readers as we sweat out these final few days of anticipation:  Pick your favorite, or least favorite, character and write a small snippet of dialogue in which this character just happens to work into casual conversation some sort of comment about how the Peg-Leg and the Red-Head are destined to be Lovey-Dovies.  Any character, any book.  I’ll start:

Wardle: May as well snatch her up. mate. Can’t count on my wife introducing you to any more of her friends…

Carver: Strike!  You f—— c—! You and other that f—— c— go f— yourselves and stay out of my f—— cases!

Jack: Uncle Corm! I drew you a picture! It’s you and Auntie Robin, getting married! See? That’s me, I’m the ring bearer!”

Adam: Mum!  How come Jack gets to be the ring bearer?  It’s not faaaaiiiiiir!”

Luke: Auntie Robin’s divorced, you know! She’ll probably divorce Uncle Corm, too!  Can I have Coco Pops?

Orlando: His name is like a giant. Her name is like a bird. An ostrich is a giant bird. When you have a baby, you can name it “Ostrich.”

Anyone else?  Add yours to the comments.


  1. Nelli Rajala-Rahko says

    Lovely exercise! I can’t come up with anything, but would love to hear what Shanker thinks!

    I’m wondering why suddenly everyone and their cousin is commenting on it out loud to Strike… surely something else has changed other than Robin now being single? Or is it just that – ppl see two single status people getting along and start telling them they should get married.. lame? But maybe RB is writing everyone around them as a bit unpleasant as she sometimes tends to..

  2. Is there a playlist for the latest Strike tv offering please?

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