One more step towards Strike-mania: A Sporcle quiz!

Despite our best efforts, we here at Hogpro have not managed to convince as many people to read the Cormoran Strike Series as read Harry Potter. There have been no midnight release parties, as yet, announced for The Ink Black Heart. However, there is once indicator that the adventures of Strike and Robin are catching on: a new Sporcle quiz challenging readers to name the top 100 Cormoran Strike characters, based on number of mentions.

This, of course, is a counterpart to the Harry Potter Top 200 character quiz. I was proud of my first efforts:  While I can usually get 70-80% of the Harry Potter (though I worked my way up to 90% when studying for the quiz show), I hit 81% on my first try at the Strike quiz, and a whopping 96% on my second, missing only Flick, Derrick Wilson and the two Riccis.

Check it out…  how many can you name?  Two hints:  1) enter last names to get full families at once;  Chiswell is pretty lucrative.  2) Troubled Blood characters have an advantage, given the length of the book.

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