Only $75 to Join Harry Potter Fan Club?

In ‘PotterMore is No More’ I discussed the announcement that Rowling, Inc., had made that the web site dedicated to serving (servicing?) Harry Potter fandom was to be renamed and that a gold membership in that site’s Harry Potter Fan Club would come at the cost of an annual subscription, i.e., the site would no longer free to all.

Last week the roll-out continued with an announcement of what a gold membership in the Harry Potter Fan Club would include as exclusive benefits and how much it would cost. The benefits are essentially pathways to participate in fandom destinations and events (read them all here) and the cost is “$74.99 (US) or £59.99 (UK) per year.”

That’s just over 22 cents a day to receive bulletins about what’s going on in the Rowling universe and how you can participate by purchasing something from them.  Having to pay to receive what are largely inducements to buy more Rowling, Inc., memorabilia and packaged ‘fan experiences’ is galling, no?

That said, it remains a source of wonder to me that Rowling has paid her PotterMore staff millions of galleons for close to a decade to create and maintain a website that brought in money only from the sale of eBooks. I’m curious about how many serious Potter Pundits will feel obliged as I do to subscribe — let me know in the comment boxes below what your plans are — but, galled as I may be at having to pay this fee, I find it hard to resent anyone wanting to be paid for services provided.

Your thoughts?


  1. Kelly Loomis says

    I’m not going to pay to join. Any news that would come from it will be tweeted or reported on fansites and I’ll see it quickly. Although the collectible pins look really cool, what would I, as an adult, do with it all? There is so much merchandise to choose from at various places and websites that I don’t need the Wizarding World Gold “stuff”.

  2. Lana Whited says

    To be completely honest, I’m going to have to give it a lot of thought. If I didn’t already own all seven ebooks, my feelings would be somewhat different.

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    Will institutional membership be possible for schools and universities?

  4. Ashley Aselin says

    A lot of the “benefits” don’t even benefit me, so I don’t know if I will even do so…but it’s Harry Potter so I feel like I super want to anyway…who knows? It’s not too bad for a year…I just wish there was more to offer for people that don’t live in the areas where Harry Potter related events or attractions happen.

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