Potter-porri: Potter Reading to Close the Interlibrum

While I am scrambling to put together my talk for Enlightening 2007 this weekend and write the Tale of Two Cities post that has been haunting me since March (the answer to what happens to Harry in Deathly Hallows?), I keep stumbling upon and reading works of brilliance from friends and friends-I-have-yet-to-meet in the blog-o-live-journal-sphere. I assume that everyone here has quit their job or taking a leave of absence from their senses until 21 July (August?), so here is enough challenging reading to last you until P-Day.

Let’s start out with my heavy hitting co-horts from Who Killed Albus Dumbledore? [Read more…]

St. Severus’ Feast Day: June 27/July 10

The Machiavelli! Snape post here at Hogwarts Professor last month continues to travel around fandom sites and I have waited until today to post the “equal and opposite” Potions Master allegiance possibility. What could counterbalance the idea that Severus is a Machiavellian power player?

That he is named for a beloved Saint in the Orthodox Christian Church. I waited until today because June 27th (July 10th on the secular calendar) is the Feast Day of St. Severus. [Read more…]

The New York Times covers Harry Potter?

Wow. A really great day for Harry Potter fans everywhere it is when the Newspaper of Record puts out some great guides and reading for serious readers!

In the Sunday New York Times this last week, we not only scored a Great Guide to the Potter Conventions and Events this summer but, incredibly, they printed four endings to the books by professional writers (not to worry, they’re all very funny in a sardonic way, no spoilers).

Read ’em all soon before you have to pay the Times to get them out of their archives!

Harry’s Hero Journey: Is He Going Through the Veil in Deathly Hallows?

If I have neglected one key here at HogPro that I discuss at length in Unlocking Harry Potter: Five Keys for the Serious Reader, it is Harry’s Hero Journey. In Unlocking I explain it in great detail (with other repeated story patterns and elements) in a chapter that is something of a break between the more challenging material in the literary alchemy and postmodern themes sections.

Events of last week, though, call for a closer look at Harry’s formulaic journeys here with special attention given the descent, literal or figurative, he makes in each book before his annual confrontation with the Black Hats. An article by Anne Johnstone in the Glasgow Herald reminded us (via Lisa and her ever industrious house-elves at Accio Quote!) that Ms. Rowling had told Ms. Johnstone in a 2000 interview that in Deathly Hallows we would see “how close we can get to the dead.” [Read more…]

Rowling On Forbes Super Celebrity List

Forbes Magazine announced its “Super Celebrity” list and, sure enough, Ms. Rowling is on it. She even made the top half of the list at #48 and, remember, this was in an “off year,” 2006, when she didn’t release a movie or publish a book. I think she has a very good shot at topping the poll next year, if she can make the $300 million it will take to displace Oprah Winfrey. 2007 promises to be very lucrative for our favorite blonde mother, author, and billionaire! Beat Oprah!

Even more fun is checking out where the Harry Potter writer finished compared to other authors. There are five on the list: Dan Brown, John Grisham, Rhonda Byrne, and Mitch Albom. Why Deepak Chopra wasn’t listed as an author, I don’t know, but he’s listed, too, at #82 (#2 on the “Self-Help/Pitchmen” list). [By the way, am I totally alone in not knowing who Ms. Byrne and Mr. Albom are?]

Even more mysterious, Rupert didn’t make the list but Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson did, at #79 and #97, respectively. Wassup with that? Maybe the Forbes folks are Harry/Hermione ‘shippers? How delusional is that? Look at how low they scaled other “kid stars.” Only Big Dan made the top 90. [Read more…]