Park Inn Leavesden Ticket Contest: Second Contestant, Please!

As posted here last month, in the first of what the faculty hopes are a series of HogwartsProfessor Short Essay Contests, we asked you to write a 500-750 word composition, poem, fictional vignette, whatever in answer to the question, “When I am asked why I love the Hogwarts Saga, I answer…” This week we are  posting the best responses we received by the 1 March deadline  — and the essay receiving the most votes in a tally this weekend will earn its author two free tickets to the Warner Brothers Studio Tours, London, a $100 value.

We won’t be paying your air fare to see the famous Leavesden Studios if you’re in North America, of course, or your stay, alas. Getting there is your job. We recommend with enthusiasm, though, that you make reservations at the Park Inn Watford  hotel, which establishment has kindly provided us with these tickets for a promotional give away. Hurrah!

Without further introduction, then, the second contestant’s entry:

When I am asked why I love the Hogwarts Saga…

When people ask me, why do you love Harry Potter? I have to stop myself from going into an hour long explanation, but here are just a few reasons I might answer with.

One of the reasons I love Harry Potter, is that it makes me belong to a group of people who all share the same love for the series. Meeting other Harry Potter fans is great, because both of us have a love for something that has changed our lives. We can talk about how a certain event made us feel, our favorite characters, anything. That, to me, is one of the most amazing things. It brings people together with a common interest, and I myself have made friends just from the same interest in Harry Potter.

Another reason I love Harry Potter, is that it’s a book like no other. It’s a whole different universe, and everything is unique. There’s always something you don’t expect, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. No matter how many times I read Harry Potter, I’m always captivated by the wizarding world. When Harry first went to Diagon Alley, I was officially hooked. From the goblin run bank, to the wand shop; it was fascinating, and it always will be.

Yet another reason I love Harry Potter, is the notorious wizarding school Hogwarts. From its enchanting dining hall to its secret passage ways, it never fails to amaze me. I have always marveled at how many things go on at once. While Harry and Ron are plotting ways to save the day yet again, somewhere else in the castle the Weasley twins are pulling yet another prank. While Hermione is studying for a quiz next week, Seamus might be in detention with Snape for blowing up another potion. There’s an endless amount of secret passageways and halls, waiting for more students to be amazed by the vastness of the castle.

Something about Harry Potter that always amazed me were the amount of mythical creatures, and the things they can do. You have the elegant and beautiful unicorns, which can save someone who is an inch away from death, to the not so lovely blast ended skrewts, that may bring you closer to your death. Attending a Care of Magical Creatures class must have been fascinating, being able to be taught about all the magical walks of life.

One more thing to love about Harry Potter is the spells. This may seem a bit obvious, but this is another thing that sends me in awe. The endless amount of spells that can go from killing someone, to saving yourself from the dreadful dementors; they all do such incredible things. The amount of thought that must have gone into creating these spells, and how the students remember them, is unbelievably amazing.

Something that always left me in chills, were the cruel enemies of Harry Potter. No matter how many times we encountered Lord Voldemort in the series, it always left me uneasy after reading a passage about him. His snake like, red eyes, with no nose and a terrifying physique, it amazes me how Harry was always able to stand up to him in some way. Not to mention his Death Eaters, ranging from the cowardly Peter Pettigrew, to the strong, cruel and ruthless Bellatrix Lestrange. How all of he and his followers mercilessly and carelessly killed people, getting joy from the cries of friends and family who are pained by the lost of their loved one. This is one of my favorite things because it shows how much power Harry Potter has; gripping my heart in fear just at the mention of The Dark Lord’s name.

Now, the last thing I love about Harry Potter. The thing that I find most important is the lessons I have learned from it. From Hermione; I learned that it doesn’t matter what people think of you, and that as long as you make yourself happy, others opinions aren’t important. From Ron; to never underestimate yourself just because someone is better at something than you, one day you’ll find something you’re truly good at. Lastly, from Harry; bravery, courage, and loyalty are things most important in your character, and that you can defy the limitations of your past if you try hard enough.

So, when I am old and sitting on my porch, reading Harry Potter again, and my grandchildren ask me, ‘after all this time?’ I will reply with,



  1. I vote for contestant two because of her passion and reasons for absolutely loving the series that many love.

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