EBH: Philly-area Potter Fans Needed for Research

A student at Temple University is working on a Youth Cultures paper, and would like to interview Potter readers, but is unable to attend the next  Potterdelphians meetup; therefore,  she asked that people interested in being  interviewed email her directly. If you would like to contact her, please email Andrea,  Potterdelphia Ravenclaw Prefect,  who will pass along her contact information.

Here’s the information she sent about her project:
“The class I am currently taking is called Youth Cultures. We study youth subcultures, in the beginning we had no idea what it was, but now we know its a group of youth coming together and making a group of people who are
like them and are not judge within that group. I picked literary subcultures and the group I decided to follow was Harry Potter. I picked Harry Potter because I am a huge fan and I read all the books and went to all the
midnight openings for the books and the movies. Since I am familiar with the series I decided to go more in depth with something I am into So for our  paper we have to become involved in the subculture and learn as much as we
can about it. If anyone is willing to do it I will send them the questions later.”

We don’t have a due date, but it’s likely soon, so don’t hesitate if you are in the Philly area and interested.


  1. Please define “youth cultures.” Are you restricting your base to a specific age group, or have you considered the older, mature reader who still delights in the YA story?

    A short walk around the HP block will glean findings rich in observation and understanding of “written-for-youth” literature!!!!

    Just a thought. And good luck!

  2. We’re just re-posting what the student sent (note the quotation marks), so you’ll need to contact her to get more details.

  3. maggiemay says

    got an error message when I tried the andrea address, but andrea if you need 3 college-aged teens from the Virginia Beach area, let me know!

  4. You can probably get to her through the potterdelphia website, maggiemay, but VA may be a bit far for this student!-EBH

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