Pottering around the house in the midst of the COVID-19.

This particular Hogwarts Professor has had her academic workload suddenly quadrupled as she tries to move three classes, one lab, two thesis students and two interns online.  But, I wanted to pop in and suggest a few ways Potterphiles with more free time can entertain themselves during confinement.

First, the fine folks at Audible.com have made many great books available for free, including some good young adult lit and classic works of literature.  Check them out and, if you find something you want to discuss here, include it in the comments.

Second, JKR has relaxed the copyright on Harry Potter, and allowing teachers to read aloud to students.  Among the many conducting read-alongs are the Head Girls who run the great Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival; check out their Facebook page to tune in.  Another choice would be my friend and former student Dylan’s YouTube presentation. 

Finally, my sweet sister-in-law sent me a link to a Virtual Harry Potter Escape Room, created by Peters Township Public Library.  I’ve only just gotten started, but it looks pretty good.

All for now…  stay home and stay healthy, everyone.




  1. Bonni Crawford says

    Thank you Louise! That meme of coronavirus as Umbridge is brilliant.

    In case you or anyone else at HogPro adapting to remote teaching would like to join a broader online community of lecturers who are in the same boat, there’s an (apparently very good) free course being run:
    Its aims include:
    Building and sharing a library of learning designs as a community of teachers
    Reflecting on how we teach online and making iterative improvements
    Navigating the personal impact of teaching and learning online

    There’s also a list here of loads of resources for staff and students:

  2. Kathleen Van Every says

    As our governor gleefully added limitation after limitation in the form of amendments to the shelter in place order and the newspaper dutifully reported each one, I couldn’t help but think of the movie scene where all the decrees are nailed to the wall at Hogwarts.

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