Preview of Veronica Roth’s New Book, Carve the Mark, Now Available Online

ctm-ew1Carve the Mark, Veronica Roth’s next book, is set for publication next January.  However, eager readers can get a preview of Chapter 7 here.

The series is being promoted as science fiction rather than dystopia, so the tone of the series will likely be quite different. However, the preview suggests quite a few parallels with Divergent: an orphan female narrator born with a special gift that makes her both powerful and vulnerable, fancy knife work, and a brother who’s a really nasty piece of work.

And no doubt the scores of Allegiant Abhorers will be relieved to hear that this is intended to be a two-part series rather than a trilogy.  What will be interesting to me is if this series proves to be as strongly rooted in psychology as Divergent was.  Good science fiction usually starts with at least some grounding in science, and I am hoping the behavioral neuroscience will be front and center again.

Update: Another article provides much the same information, but adds the tidbit that Ms. Roth has developed a “fascination” with North Korea, the familial political dynasty and what it means for the son to grow up with a dictator for a father.  Then she goes on to say North Korea “was not a direct line of inspiration” for her new series.

Given that she had an “obsession” with personality testing prior to writing Divergent, and the Factions wound up as perfectly analogous to the Big Five Factors–Ms Roth’s claimed lack of planning notwithstanding–I’d recommend reading up on North Korea before starting Carve the Mark.

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