Reading ‘Running Grave’ as the End of the Strike Series (A)

Strike7’s Parallels to ‘Cuckoo’s Calling’ Make it the Completion of a Ring Cycle

Last week I wrote a post saying that it was time to start pretending that Rowling had died or written her last book and move on to the next (and final) stage of literary criticism: ‘Is Rowling’s Best Work Behind Her Now?’ I caught quite a bit of blow-back on that intentionally provocative post, but not for the reasons I expected.

I thought Strike fandom would line-up to say what an idiot I was because the detective series is supposed to be ten books long per the author and her publisher, the Strike-Ellacott romance obviously hasn’t played out, and the last three novels have been the best in the series, no sign of Rowling-Galbraith having lost her touch. Silly me, I anticipated that readers would object to the assertion that Cormoran Strike wasn’t over, rather than quibble at my twenty-five year rule (when I listed significant counter-evidence to that rule).

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  1. mmmh kind of strange as Galbraith in person yesterday posted that he’s writing Strike’s 42nd birthday in book 8 (quote) ‘on which I’m currently working’.
    Maybe you mean a first cycle in Ellacott&Strike life and partnership has ended at Book 7 and a new one will begin in Book 8
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you for your kind regards, Mauro!

    It is admittedly “kind of strange” to be suggesting the best mental posture with respect to Rowling-Galbraith’s Strike novels is to think of it as having ended in ‘Running Grave,’ strange for the reasons you mention (and the several more I discuss in this piece and the two follow-on parts).

    You’ll have to read those pieces, though, to grasp what I’m saying, which is, in brief, that it is time to drop the First Generation methods of reading Rowling’s work for the methods that have been used to read and appreciate the Greats for the better part of a century. The necessary first step to that is shifting focus in our reading from the most recent book published and the one on the horizon to her work taken as a whole.

    Again, understanding that requires reading what I’ve written and I expect many, perhaps most of the Serious Striker community will not agree with me even if they do read and understand what I’m suggesting. I look forward to reading what you think after you have read the three parts of this post and specifically the conclusions of the third.

    Thank you again for your kind regards!

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