Roanoke Harry Potter Festival a Smash!

This weekend, the City of Roanoke, Virginia, known for the star that shines from the mountaintop overlooking the city, will sparkle with extra magic!  The Roanoke Harry Potter Festival will feature wonderful programs, events, and opportunities, including the rare chance to see John Granger, Louise Freeman, Emily Strand, and Elizabeth Baird Hardy all in the same place at the same time. The only more difficult feat is seeing Clark Kent and Superman at once!

UPDATE: Read about the 8,500 fan gathering in The Roanoke Times!

The amazing Ministry of Magic has put together an impressive day of Wizarding wonderment! We hope you can join us in Roanoke! Even if you can’t, we’ll bring you some magic with a live podcast featuring our fabulous faculty here at Hogwarts Professor and friends, including the wizards behind this great event.  Find out much more about the festival on the official facebook page. And, in anticipation of the event, enjoy the fantastic Chocolate Frog Cards we’ve gotten! We are all super excited to talk about everything from psychology to Quidditch and from magical plants to Ring composition, and much, much more in between!

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Final Harry Potter Educational Program Schedule

Interview with HogwartsProfessors in Roanoke!


  1. Terrance Roberts says

    I really enjoyed the “5 things you need to know to understand Harry Potter” talk this weekend. I’m just beginning to read the book series and you shed a new light on them which has me eager to turn the pages. I hope you can make it out for the next Roanoke Harry Potter Festival!

  2. Harry Potter festival brings more than 8,500 witches and wizards to Roanoke

    Hats off to Lana Whited and the Witches and Wizards behind this remarkable event!

  3. Kelly Loomis says

    Is there a post somewhere of your five things to know??

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