Robin Ellacott is Sterile, Rowling Studies Podcast, and Lumos Fundraising Blitz

Three Quick News Announcements!

First, Robin Ellacott is Sterile! Or at least that’s what I argue over at the Substack site.  Check out Strike 8: Robin Ellacott is Sterile — Change My Mind!

Second, Nick Jeffery and I have recorded our first ‘Rowling Studies’ podcast a link to which conversation will be sent via email to all HogPro Substack subscribers by week’s end. We talked about Nick’s remarkable idea that Charlotte Campbell Ross did not commit suicide but was murdered. If you can’t wait to listen to Nick explain that theory, you can read his thoughts here: Strike8: The Charlotte Campbell Murder Mystery.

Last but not least, Lumos is in the midst of a Holiday Fundraising Blitz during which limited time every dollar donated will be matched by a generous Presence — and, because a Philanthropist-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named covers all their overhead, every penny will go to finding a institutionalized child or young adult a ‘Home for the Holidays.’ The HogwartsProfessor staff join with The Rowling Library in urging all our readers to participate — and quickly! The matching offer ends soon. Home for the Holidays — Double the Impact

Update: The Rowling Studies pilot podcast is posted: The Mysterious Death of Charlotte Campbell: Was It Suicide or Was It Murder? Check it out and let us know what you think!


  1. Susan Stacy says

    I was quite excited to see the launching of the Rowling Studies Podcast. The Hogwarts Professor Podcasts of the past were favorite listening material of mine. There were several of them that I listen to on multiple occasions. I find that it is often difficult for me to set aside time to sit down and read one of your essays on this website, or now at sub-stack. Having your information in a podcast format makes it so easy to listen to while going about my normal routine. And I don’t have to find the time for dedicated reading. In fact, any time that an essay can be provided in an audio version on this website or sub-stack I will be assured of giving it a listen. I quite enjoyed the initial podcast. It gave me quite a bit to think about, and I look forward to hearing more. As far as suggestions, I don’t know whether this will sound too elementary, but I expect that I would get a lot out of an ongoing series that delves into the Strike books by taking a few chapters at a time and exploring aspects of them the average reader is likely to not have picked up on. Perhaps this could be a panel discussion consisting of your frequent contributors. I do know that I would be very excited about such a series.

  2. We don’t have any plans to do a chapter-by-chapter reading of ‘Running Grave,’ Susan, because what we’re trying to do is step-out of the latest book and book to come focus of Rowling Studies that has been prevalent since ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’ That first evolution or generation approach is something we are avoiding to begin the fourth and final evolution’s work of examining Rowling’s work in terms of her biography, bibliography, and story-iconography, a macroscopic view of her Lake, Shed, and all-her-life-work. There are other podcasts that are doing the work you want and very well, too; only we, frankly, though, are qualified to write and podcast the fourth generation Rowling Studies pieces we’re doing at the Substack page and on the Rowling Studies programs. I hope you’ll join us for both!

    That being said, I love your idea of creating audio files of the Substack posts and presenting them as solo podcasts and we’re going to work on that. Thank you for the great suggestion!

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