Rowling Admires Twitter Conversation about Strike Characters, Prompts Pat C

Nick Jeffery revealed to me that the “Twitter conversation about the Strike books” Rowling says is the *Best* are the tweeted questions of Kurt Schreyer, friend of and contributor to HogwartsProfessor. Note Nick Jeffery and Louise Freeman’s contributions to the comment threads below Kurt’s provocative tweets:

Curiously, Rowling’s follow-up to the post above was a comment about Pat Chauncey, the Strike Agency secretary, which prompted (cued?) the twitter account for this fictional character to go into over-drive (see Nick Jeffery’s post yesterday about the various hilarious accounts Strike characters have started).

I am wondering if this does not confirm the speculation that these accounts are a playful and clever means to prime the pump, i.e., create more enthusiasm for the incipient Ink Black Heart.

Is it possible that The Presence is the Voice Behind the Curtain and that today’s ventriloquist’s dummy is Pat Chauncey, @SuperKingPAatC? If so, I hope she gets to Ciara Porter soon!

Regardless, this is the most fun Striker fandom has had on social media in many a day and has succeeded in engaging Rowling herself, for which thanks and congratulations are due to Kurt Shreyer!

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