Rowling Contrasts Trans Activists in Head-Coverings with Iranian Feminists

Rowling tweeted a condemnation of Radical Gender Extremists, the ironically named ‘Be Kind Brigade,’ who marched in protest of a scheduled talk in Brighton by Kellie-Jay Keen, founder of ‘Standing For Women.’ On the thread of that post, a ‘Bogey the Bossey’ wrote, “They’re so different from these Iranian women who show real courage and don’t hide behind black masks.” This comment included a tweet-video from Masih Alinejad, an “Iranian journalist and activist,” which Rowling then re-tweeted herself:

If you’re interested in the details, there’s much more on this tweet and the event in Brighton in the online Daily Mail:  ‘JK Rowling condemns masked pro trans mob after violent clashes in Brighton at ‘Let Women Speak’ event.’ My thoughts are mostly about Rowling’s use of her twitter social media platform post-publication of Ink Black Heart and its relationship with the implicit messages of her books.

Rowling’s most recent tweets and re-tweets have been about the abuse of women by Islamicist regimes in Afghanistan and Iran; see here, here, and here, for three examples beyond the one above. She still ignores ‘Asian’ rape-gangs in the UK who target and traffic girls and young women in the UK and the rioting in Leicester this past week between Hindu and Muslim mobs, but, still, this acknowledgment of the systematic oppression of women’s rights in Muslim-dominant countries is new for Rowling, who is Islamophobia-phobic.

These recent tweets are in keeping, however, with the disdain evident inLethal White and Troubled Blood as well as Ink Black Heart for political activists on the left and right in the postmodern West who act out “exhibitionist” protests in complete safety to no effect other than their own virtue signaling and self-promotion. The contrast between those donning facial and head-coverings in the UK supposedly for women’s rights and the women in Iran burning hijab and cutting their hair, contra-regime messaging that could mean the end of their lives, as it did for Mahsa Amini, is relevant for Serious Strikers.

It is exactly this hero-vs-poser message implicit in her depiction of Jimmy Knight’s CORE leftism in Lethal White, Strike’s Troubled Blood argument with the college students over their Valentine’s Day dinner, the “misandry” of Carl Oakden the Trickster, and the Ink Black Heart sub-plot about “alt-right” terrorists within an online fandom, ‘The Halvening.’ [The twitter handle “I am Julius Evola” and the appearance of that writer’s Ride the Tiger in the North Grove Commune bathroom next to Durkheim’s Suicide is especially meaningful in this regard.] All of these groups and individuals ‘mansplain’ what is best for women, the leftists among them are strident feminists per se, but all are revealed as misogynist to the CORE in practice.

Rowling makes no little effort to speak with integrity, I think, and to craft a uniform message in her work and in her public life. No one can question her heroism in this regard, if few, including myself, agree with her on all or even most points she is making; her determination to be consistent and to be willing to pay the price for speaking the truth as she understands it is both admirable and important for understanding at least the political elements of her work.

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