Rowling Donates £1 Million to Charities on Battle of Hogwarts Anniversary

In terms of Rowling’s net worth, of course, £1 million is peanuts. She once owned a yacht, just as a ‘for example,’ worth $28 million dollars (which she supposedly sold at a $10 million loss).

I begin with that note to anticipate nay-sayers wanting to downplay this characteristically generous and thoughtful gift on Rowling’s part. This is £1 million on top of the many millions she gives annually to Volant Charities and to Lumos — and the incredible income tax burden she bears without complaint or dodges (she pays 50% of her earnings which made last year’s bill £48.6 million — that’s $60 million, folks).

This gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the homeless and those suffering from domestic violence during this quarantine. And that is something we all should acknowledge, a gift to those in need for which we can be openly appreciative sans snark.

So, hats off and three cheers on this Battle of Hogwarts Anniversary for the thoughtfulness of The Presence. Thank you, Mrs Murray, for the good example.

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