Rowling Library Magazine: Cuckoo’s Calling Anniversary, Ten Years of Strike

The Rowling Library Magazine is out with a new issue and a new look! The cover story celebrates the tenth anniversary of Cuckoo’s Calling‘s publication and the cover itself reveals the TRL partnership with Otter Studio for a reimagination of the Magazine’s appearance. Editor Patricio Tarantino explains:

Our redesign is more than just a cosmetic update. We have reimagined the magazine’s layout, typography, and graphic elements to create a more engaging and immersive reading experience. We’ve worked hard to ensure that every page is visually stunning and easy to read, with crisp typography and eye-catching visuals that draw you in.

You can download the PDF or just read TRL Magazine Issue #76 via this link. In addition to the Cuckoo’s Calling anniversary celebration, you’ll find articles on Half-Blood Prince, the page of notable auctions, a fascinating review of Hogwarts Legacy and its connection with the canonical Saga (Phineas Nigellus Black in all his glory, for one thing), and news about the Tokyo Harry Potter Studio opening. Enjoy!

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