Rowling May Day Twitter Drop

J. K. Rowling yesterday re-tweeted fifteen ‘May Day’ tweets from around the UK and Commonwealth, all of which were from admirers attending ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ celebrations in imitation of the gathering Rowling sponsored at the River Cafe last month. Three examples:

Rowling has written that she departed regular tweeting largely to protect her mental health. It was by tweeting her opinions about transgender overreach that caused the WOKE tsunami to break over her and it seemed that she had decided to abandon her remarkable social media platform except to promote book launches and the like, e.g., the Ickabog pictures from young fans and the Troubled Blood roll-out.

Recent tweeting activity, though, suggests The Presence has elected to reverse the usual “just business, no politics” policy of prudence for a “no business, all politics” policy of creating and making visible the community of people who support her views vis a vis #RespectMySex. She has not tweeted once, for example, about the opening of Secrets of Dumbledore while twice creating long drop-sets about “Ladies Who Lunch.”

One of her writing signatures is turning genre tropes on their head before delivering an equivalent or greater experience of the genre in question. It looks to me like Rowling has decided that, having been victimized on this platform by the profesional twitterati, she can now turn it to her own use, not to victimize but to celebrate and encourage others who feel isolated by the Zeitgeist. De gustibus!

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