Rowling Not Writing Book About Wizards — Good News on At Least Three Levels

This tweet from Rowling is good news on at least three levels:

First, she isn’t “writing a book about wizards,” which I will assume means she is writing a book in the Cormoran Strike series. Three cheers for that affirmation.

Second, the comment thread that followed this tweet is relatively free of Gender Theory Extremists sharing their transgressive view that what she is doing is meaningless to them until she repents of her murderous war on transgender folk. That’s always encouraging, though these hostilities are far from over, no cease-fire being admitted or allowed in the Culture Wars.

Third, and most delightful, at least to this reader, is that more than one person responded to Rowling’s non-announcement with the request that she write up the Fantastic Beasts screenplays they way she originally imagined them (rather than as the ‘Original Screenplays,’ the script from the film as cut and released).

That’s not quite a ‘ground-swell’ or a ‘movement,’ but at least the idea championed here since the first film of a return to the novels-to-film-adaptation formula is trending…

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