Rowling Tweets Eurovision Commentary; Says She Has Six Books in the Works

I couldn’t care less about her preferences for Eurovision, if it was fun to learn her husband Neil is accomplished on both the violin and keyboard (The Presence plays guitar). The keepers of these twenty-seven tweets? The two about the six works in progress and her revelation that the Loser’s Lair in Christmas Pig was inspired by a glimpse down a smoking fjord in Iceland:

I was also relieved that there were no attacks from the Twitter Transgender Thought Police in the comments (no, I didn’t look very hard for them).

Your thoughts? Is Eurovision this big a deal that it merited more than twenty tweets as rolling-Rowling commentary? Anyone dare to guess what the six books in progress are? Fire away!


  1. Wayne Stauffer says

    Strike 7 and 5 Fantastic Beasts novels? (Fingers crossed)

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    “I’m confident 3 of them will eventually see the light.” Fantastic Beast novels 4 and 5 and the backstory of the Ukrainian Iron-belly?

    “Neil is accomplished on both the violin and keyboard (The Presence plays guitar).” What, no highland war pipes? (I’ve belatedly learnt it doesn’t not really take 21 years to get reasonably proficient – so, it seems there’s hope for me and others…: if we make the start!)

  3. Elizabeth Smith says

    I am guessing Strike – 7 and Fantastic Beasts 4/5. Other than that – I have no idea.

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