Secrets of Dumbledore Summary Posted

Thanks to Kelly for sharing this. Three quick notes:

(1) I thought the entire plot had been revealed months ago and only those not seriously wrapped up in the series were still in the dark about the not-yet-released third Fantastic Beasts movie. Apparently not? Kelly assures me that this teaser’s information about the Grindelwald family is big news in Newt Scamander Fandom.

(2) My surprise served as a reminder that, focused as I have been on Christmas Pig and the site continues to be on the Cormoran Strike mysteries, Hogwarts Professor has neglected the third Beasts film (though we have had important moments…). Contrast our near silence about Secrets of Dumbledore with this post about an ensemble cast photograph before the release of Crimes of Grindelwald. I welcome, consequently, any and all guest posts with speculation about the next movie or links to sites devoted to such things. Let me know what folks who follow the Warner Brothers droppings and teasers are saying so I can share it with our readers here.

(3) I will not be doing a deep dive into Secrets of Dumbledore both because my time is better spent with Strike and Pig, not to mention my thesis, but, and this is reflected in “better spent” I guess, I do not believe the films can be considered a “work by J. K. Rowling” any more than, say, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. My experience in tracking down the deleted scenes from the filming script in Fantastic Beasts and in Crimes of Grindelwald demonstrate that the David Duo film Rowling’s script and then butcher it into a Blockbuster Formula Package (see here and here if you doubt me on this). I’m going to wait, consequently, until the series is done and deo volente Rowling publishes her Fantastic Beast scripts before attempting any more analysis of the series.

But I do hope that those who are movie fans — I am not — and who are knowledgeable about the artistry of this medium will share their thoughts about the movie about to be released, if only because Hogwarts Professor tries to satisfy and delight the interests of all its readers. Have at it!



  1. Kelly Loomis says

    I am a book fan at heart. Any time I watch the HP movies, I get irritated. I am interested in the Fantastic Beasts storyline because even though the Davids butcher Rowling’s writing, we still get her ideas about characters. She’s had many of these things in her mind and I want to know what they are. A secret that ties the Dumbledore and Grindelwald families together is something I want to know. Because we don’t have novels to compare them to, I can watch without the usual irritation!

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