Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

Today’s entry in the Pillar Post Project is Crimes of Grindelwald. Believe it or not, there are already fifty HogwartsProfessor posts on the second Fantastic Beasts film. Below you’ll find them all in one place and sorted into nine categories. 


nota bene

Is ‘Nagini’ the Name of the Maledictus in Crimes of Grindelwald? Nagini Gaunt? (Loomis/Granger)

Deleted Scene Dialogue: Theseus/Leta (Willis) (Hardy)



Crimes of Grindelwald Group Portrait: Is It a Meaningful Picture of the Story? (-> Groves) (-> Sipal)

Box 2703: A Pointer to Alchemy in Crimes of Grindelwald?


Ring Composition

Crimes of Grindelwald: The Story Ring




Guest Posts (Barnhart)

not bene (Schaubert) (Voetberg) (Frankel) (Frankel) (-> Groves) (Groves) (Groves) (Loomis) (September Fawkes) (Semmens)


Predictions (-> Sipal, Tarantino, et aliis) (Loomis) (Hardy) (Semmens)

The Ariana-Credence Theory (Rectenwald) 

Rowling Interviews

Fantastic Beasts: The Presence Speaks




Actor Interviews

Fantastastic Beasts Cast Visits Alabama?

Fantastic Beasts: ‘Absurd Fan Theories’

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