‘Crimes’ Issue

If you’re not a subscriber to ‘The Rowling Library,’ an online magazine sent out as a free pdf to readers around the world, you’re missing out. Get thee hence to, download the latest issue — a special devoted to all things Crimes of Grindelwald — and then be sure to scroll around their site.

The editors and House-Elves there, for example, have recreated the original, the site that existed 2002-2012, for fan searching and discoveries. There’s a collector’s guide as well and a very handy (and extensive) list of Rowling’s appearances through the years.

The production values of the magazine are first rank and the content is pretty good, too. And I hope I’m not saying that just because they’ve reprinted HogwartsProfessor posts (with permission asked for and received). It’s a serious bunch of fandom researchers and writers from quite literally every continent except Anarctica.

Enjoy! (And tell Patricio “John sent me.”)

Update: Link fixed!


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