Talk about “Shared Text”…

How about this book-length review of Pres. Obama’s first autobiography: America’s Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s “Story of Race and Inheritance”?

Two notes:

1. As this is a conservative appraisal of the autobiography’s factual content (not, it seems, about who actually wrote Dreams from My Father), I’m supposing the President’s admirers’ would say this is a Death Eater publication because its title reflects a concern with the President’s blood status qua mulatto. That the Half-Blood Prince turns out to be Severus Snape, ultimately a “good guy,” probably doesn’t make it easier for them.

2. It astonishes even me that Potter language is so pervasive that the author/publisher assumes potential buyer’s will “get” the meaning of “Half-Blood Prince” in this title rather than assume a racial slur of some kind.

Your thoughts?


  1. I was shocked… until I clicked on the link and saw it was on Lulu and thus self published – I really doubt any regular publisher would allow such a title, at least on something not directly HP related, because the fact is – its NOT pervasive enough to title something that way in my opinion…

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