See You at the Potter Party in Staunton for the ‘Cursed Child’ Script Release!

QCPPButterbeer, magic cats and birthday cake for Harry— what better way to celebrate the midnight publication of the book of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?  Free events all day, all ages welcome!

I’m on deck for a series of “Magic and the Mind” talks on Harry Potter and psychology. If you are in Central Virginia, please join us beginning at 12 PM in downtown Staunton!

Watch this space (Updated 7/20/2016!!)  for details, or check out the Facebook page.




  1. Nicholas says

    I’m a bit behind here – is this a novelization, or literally the show script?
    And is it a play or a musical?

  2. It’s a play and they’re publishing the working version of the show script (from months ago) and will publish the final version later.

  3. Emily Strand says

    Wish I could, Louise! Sounds fun.

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