‘The JKR:’ Rowling Honored by Boozer

On 2 July, The Harlequin Pub in Sheffield created a new cocktail, the ‘JKR,’ in Rowling’s honor. She pledged two days later to buy the necessary ingredients to try it out.

Well, she elected instead to drop in at the Harlequin at lunchtime today, a week later, and have the drink as made by its creator.


And she gives it a thumbs up, though she prefers “whisky/bourbon.

Here’s the thing. Sheffield is 250 miles from Edinburgh. Is it reasonable to suppose, as I have above, that Rowling was just in the neighborhood and decided to have a JKR with her Harlequin friends? Or should we assume that The Harlequin Pub sent her one by courier?

Regardless, if a Strike mystery ever travels north of London again or Cormoran feels obliged to request Michael Ellacott’s permission to propose marriage to his only daughter, should we suspect that the road trip would take the pause that refreshes in Sheffield, only 80 miles from Masham?



  1. From the tweet, I understood that she @ the pub to let them know that she made the coctail.

  2. I guess I need to go to twitter school! Thanks, Beth!

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