Troubled Blood: Galbraith Interview

Hat tip to Nick Jeffery and Patricio Tarantino!


  1. Joanne Gray says

    Thank you so much for posting this wonderful interview with JK Rowling. I absolutely loved it and was so happy that she was asked (and answered) the question about giving us a teaser for what to expect in book 6!

    Granted it wasn’t a big teaser but it was a good little one. She describes book 6 as quite different from book 5 (hopefully it will keep all the good aspects of 5) but it will deal with younger suspects and characters than those in TB’s older cold-case.

    Can’t wait for her to post her first book 6 Twitter header clue (at least I hope she will still be giving us those story hints)–the “little bread crumbs” while writing book 6, just as she did with book 4 and 5.

    So glad to get this new interview!!

  2. Bonni Crawford says

    So, the next book will feature a much younger demographic (in terms of the cast of witnesses and presumably suspects in the central case). How young, I wonder…? Presumably they will be adults, as interviewing minors would come with a lot of legal and ethical constraints and concerns. So maybe university students?

  3. kelly Loomis says

    Did you notice in speaking of the occult and tarot influences, she said one of her themes of the book was how people substitute superstition when they don’t understand something. I watched it last night and it’s now morning so I’m sorry if I do not have the wording perfectly. You can tell her answers have been edited as one has her starting mid-sentence. I wonder if she had more to say – such as John outlined in his post about the supernatural – for instance, how Robin told Strike what role she thought astrology played in people’s lives.

    I enjoyed hearing about where she starts in her writing process and little tidbits like her feelings about a character such as Shanker.

  4. I finally got to watch the interview this morning. I hope to post a transcript of her answers to questions and talk about them at some length but here are my first thoughts —

    (1) She looks dreadful, as in “aged ten to twenty years since Crimes of Grindelwald.” No idea what’s going on beyond the flu and the TERF canceling, but she does not look good. Her cherubic cheeks have fallen and the puffiness and lines at the corners of her mouth suggest lung and bowel issues; could she be smoking again?

    (2) Boilerplate pablum, if those two metaphors can be mixed. What a shame that she was asked such boring questions (three about the teevee shows…) and gave such pedestrian answers. The not-even-breaking-the-surface bits on the occult and feminism were especially disappointing.

    (3) The only take-aways that cheered or interested me were her description of starting with the lethal white foal and working out from there in Strike4 and her acknowledgment that the covid hysteria will have to be addressed in a coming book. 

    Let’s pray that she can finish the seventh book of this series before the hysteria of the spring of 2020 has to be a player. Her super-Karen views, frankly, must make painful reading, especially as I cannot think Strike and Robin would be as ferociously obsequious to state and medical authority as she has been.

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