Welcome, Mockingjay Movie Fans! Here is a Shortcut to the Best of Hogwarts Professor on ‘The Hunger Games’ Books & Films

Do you love Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy? Well, you’ve come to the right place for serious readers’ discussion of the artistry and meaning of these best-selling books and the blockbuster movies!

For the round-up of 30 posts about Mockingjay, the book, head here. The ‘Greatest Hits’ from that set include:

For the round-up of 35 posts about the first films, check this out. The best from that lot, I think, are:

There are a lot more that are just as good or better — dig in! Scroll down, too, for Elizabeth Baird-Hardy’s review of the latest film.

Welcome to Hogwarts Professor, your best online resource for in-depth discussion of The Hunger Games!

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