March Madness Hunger Games HogPro Posts Round-Up!

Here they all are! The 35 HogwartsProfessor Hunger Games Month (March, 2012) posts have been rounded up at one link for you to review in case you missed any or for when you want to revisit some of the ideas and conversations down the line. They’re hiding beneath the jump.

Enjoy — and thank you all again for this great ride of discussion and exploration of Suzanne Collins’ Everdeen Saga and the LionsGate movie adaptation of the first book, Hunger Games. I’m just back from talks at Augustana’s Stronghold Castle and at the Indiana limestone fortress of the school called Chicagwarts (complete with Great Hall…) but will share tomorrow the talk on Hunger Games and literary alchemy I gave in the University of Chicago’s Bond Chapel Monday night. Stay tuned!

Posts are in sequence of beginning to end of month and those of greater depth or which drew the greater number and quality of responses are highlighted:

Psychological Types in Harry Potter, Hunger Games

The 2010 Lev Grossman ‘Mockingjay’ Interview that Wasn’t

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let the Countdown of Blogs begin! (EB-H)

The Larger Ring of The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Meadow

District 12 Hunger Games Movie Trailer: Capitol TV!

Hunger Games Talk Tonight at Full Circle Books

Katniss Everdeen Actress: “The Outfit That Saved My Life”

Why Wait for the Lions Gate ‘Hunger Games’ Movie?

Hunger Games Premium Trading Cards: Well, Why not?

J. Robert Barth: ‘Romanticism and the Religious Tradition’

Get Your Lionsgate Nail Polish For the Hunger Games Opening Ceremonies! Stylist Endorsed, It’s To Die For, Capitol-ites!

Tim Parks: ‘The Writer’s Job’ in The New York Review of Books A Hogwarts Professor Conversation About the Literary Machine

Flavorwire: Katniss and Hermione and Jane Eyre — but no Bella?

WSJ: ‘Why the Hunger Games is Also the Gender Games’

Scenes from District 12 and Great Tourism Opportunities (EB-H)

Another ‘Hunger Games’ Media Contact: 14 Questions For You

ET: Behind the Scenes of ‘Hunger Games’ Filming (Etc.!)

Why Wait for the LionsGate Hunger Games Movie? Part 2

The Mother Lode: 250 Hunger Games Products For Sale –

Literary Alchemy and The Hunger Games: Three Podcasts

What You Missed Last Night at the Capitol’s Movie Premiere

You Want Hunger Games Movie News? Check It Out

New Hunger Games Clip: The Sutherland-Ross Version of Snow Political Overreach and Misunderstanding of Books’ Meaning?

Another Multi-Question Hunger Games Interview: Join Me!

Letter from a Friend: What Does Suzanne Collins Believe?

Are ‘The Hunger Games’ Books ‘Young Adult’ Literature?

LA Times: Is Jennifer Lawrence A Real Life Katniss Everdeen?

Books About Hunger Games Novels: Fourteen Out of the Gate!

Shared Text: Hunger Games as Vehicle for Gospel Message?

Hunger Games Film Reviews: The Ends of the Spectrum Are In

Around the Blogosphere: Three ‘Games’ Writers Worth Reading

So You’ve Seen the Hunger Games Film: What Do You Think?

Lionsgate Hunger Games Film A Satisfactory Movie Experience; Cinema Treatment Leaves Serious Readers Hungry for More (EB-H)

Gamesmakers Hijack Story: Capitol Wins Hunger Games Again

What I Fear Is Coming (Has Come?) to Hunger Games Fandom

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