Which Hunger Games Character are You?

OK, Hogpro regulars, take the Quiz and share! I am Prim.


  1. waynestauffer says

    i’m katniss

  2. I got Cinna. 🙂

  3. I got Prim too. Not sure how. Some of the questions didn’t even have answers that suited me so I was forced to go with second choices.

  4. I couldn’t get past the first question. I don’t do any of those things on a weekend.

    So I’m not a Hunger Games character. Or I’m with the Snow-Coin-Tigris outliers.


  5. I’m Rue. But I don’t think that’s right.

  6. I am Peeta – which seemed right. My husband is Gale and then he went back and put in his alternate answers and is Johanna. I’m not sure which one I’m more frightened of:)

  7. LOL John! I almost stopped at the first page too, but I figured I take the least bad option in a horrible list and go hiking. Then I picked all the laziest, most gutless choices (because I really AM a wimp) and ended up being told I’m Katniss! Who’da thunk it.

  8. Peeta!

    I’m flattered so I’ll take it!

  9. My husband got Haymitch… Strange, because I think he shares the way he thinks with Gale. But the description at the end fit him.

  10. I got Peeta. I admire him a lot, so I hope it’s true!

  11. Unsurprisingly, to myself, I got Katniss.

  12. I got Prim.

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