While you Wait for ‘The Wizarding World…

of Harry Potter’ at Universal Theme Park in Orlando, FL, why not check out Dickens World in the UK? If you made the commitment to read even half of Dickens’ novels before hopping the pond, this trip could be a life-changing experience! (H/T to Nicholas)


  1. this has got to be a joke. Dicken’s World? Why would anyone want to go there? For gruel, rain, fog? I feel sorry for the investors…

  2. I checked out the Dickens World website. The *indoor* attraction appears to be similar to a movie set with interactive characters and locations; a focused, small-scale Disney theme park or Silver Dollar City, but without the issue of inclimate weather to spoil the day.

  3. Arabella Figg says

    Shucks, there go the freezing orphans….

  4. Or, you could come to the Great Dickens Christmas Faire in San Francisco, California. Every year a faire with shops, shows, dancing at Fezziwigs and Dickens characters wander the (indoor) streets is put on every weekend from Thanksgiving weekend until Christmas. Some historical liberties are taken, and I wouldn’t advocate traversing continents to see it, but it is a treat for theater and lit geeks. I’m especially pumped for it this year, being in one of the shows.

  5. News from Orlando. Is anyone signed up for Infinitus 2010 yet? Have plans to check out the Wizarding World theme park?

  6. Won’t be able to go to Infinitus…unless a large pile of money falls on me. 🙁

  7. Arabella Figg says

    John, are you speaking at Infinitus?

  8. I have sent in three proposals but no word from HPEF yet.

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